Cloud Citadel introduces a key component to the future of web3 social

Cloud Citadel is a platform that allows users to build, develop, and conceptualize a world in which their community can flourish. Consumers can safely connect, network and utilize their digital assets to enable utility. We are all in this together!

A new web3 platformAbout Cloud Citadel

Cloud Citadel is a community-focused social platform built on a web3 foundation.

The platform supports both new and established communities, bridging between a 'standard' social media platform and a virtual environment in one seamless experience. Cloud Citadel allows communities to get a grip on their data, boost engagement, and add utility to their digital assets.

By centering itself around the implementation of the NFT technology, the platform provides users with a valuable alternative to social apps such as Discord and Twitter. It makes it possible for social communities to grow while allowing them to maintain their focus on their goals by providing a scalable web3 infrastructure on which to build. Read more

Be part of the revolution that is reinventing the social networking landscape.

Your digital Citadel

Unlike other social media platforms' individual profiles, Cloud Citadel presents communities with a whole virtual world to play in. Visualized as a city or Citadel, this shall be the playground of all future projects. An isometric landscape will be available for users to fill with buildings, each offering different utilities to the community.

Community building tools

As far as community management tools go, Cloud Citadel has a wide range of options available. Users may collect data, chat, vote, announce or display project details. Additionally, similar to gaming mods, anybody on the platform may develop and release utility modules. Together, we will build a toolbox that knows no bounds!

Investment opportunityLooking to invest?

We are presently working on the MVP version of Cloud Citadel, and its completion is projected for the third quarter of 2022. Once this is completed, we will be able to move on to the next phase of development. In light of the fast advancements in blockchain technology, we continue to seek opportunities to partner with investors that share our enthusiasm for such innovative projects.

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Our Goals

Reimagining the visual identity of web3 social for the next decade

Cloud Citadel is heavily devoted to the new era of social engagement; however, its core product is much more than that. We are nothing like Discord, Facebook, or Instagram. The Cloud Citadel brand is in the process of revamping the overall look and feel of web3 socials for the next decade.

The platform is built as a foundation that enables users to be deeply involved with their communities, as well as an instant, unlimited utility for all existing NFT projects created by users. It is a social network where people can mix and match different aspects of their ideal world.

Check out more about this in our introduction presentation.

When live?Timeline

  1. MVP Launch

    This version focuses on the core foundation and features necessary for communities to thrive. At this stage, we will be testing the platform with our own Cloud Citizen Community of 2000 members. Interested in being part of this from the get-go? Get in touch with us on social media to learn more about how you can join this community.

  2. Alpha Release

    This version would only be accessible to a limited number of high-profile communities, guaranteeing extensive levels of personal moderation and support. Share your thoughts on which communities should be the first to join!

  3. Beta Release

    At 85% completion, we open our doors to the masses and allow the general public to form their own communities and utilities by the latter half of 2023.

  4. Official Release

    Apart from future updates addressing Token Economics, this will be the completed product. Cloud Citadel is an ever-evolving project, so brace yourselves for quarterly updates and regular tweaks going forward.

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